[TYPO3-english] Shortcut with 301 option for shortlinks

d.ros projects at r-system.de
Mon Jul 29 12:33:05 CEST 2013


once there was #17037 to make shortcut handling better. But this still 
has a litte space to work even more better which could be resolved with 
an additional switch where the name could be "chosen page with 301".

At the moment the link points directly to the target page, but there are 
usecases where it makes sense to give an editor the possiblity to 
generate shortcut links pointing to pages which reside deeper in a page.

Atm. you could make a new page and use "show content from" which has the 
disadvantage of double content. There are also possiblities to set those 
entries with realURL or cooluri or even .htaccess but this is quite 
unhandy for editors.

If you could set an 301 option to the shortcut, you would have a link 
like www.domain.com/short redirecting to www.domain.com/in/a/deeper/tree 
with a 301

IMHO it makes quite sense to make this setting settable for editors.

If someone agrees, I´d be thankful for a vote on that




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