[TYPO3-english] some questions about extension codes

Xavier Perseguers xavier at typo3.org
Fri Jul 26 07:23:53 CEST 2013

Hi Tom,

First of all, you may consider have a deep look at Dmitry's book about
TYPO3 development, it will answer all those types of questions:


Then, development-related questions should better go to the dev list,
not the general English one.

> From the result, I can tell some configurations are from this file:
> ext_typoscript_setup.txt, but some not.
> So my question is:
> what is inside $conf? or what files compose $conf?

static TS, what is either configured from the setup.txt file (provided
by this extension, cannot tell you where it is for your very extension),
if you included it in your TypoScript template, + whatever corresponding
TypoScript you may have written yourself, in Web > Template, for this

> Question: How does this line work:
> $this->cObj->fileResource($this->conf['templateFile']);?
> a. there is not such codes: such as $cObj = new tslib_cObj(), how did $cObj get
> instantiated?
> b. there is no such codes like require_once('class.tslib_content.php'); how
> could $this->cObjuse the method in class.tslib_content.php?

Basically you have a TYPO3 *extension*, not a *standalone* application.
This means that you /extend/ TYPO3 and you are not an entry point from
the Web. TYPO3 is calling you, meaning it prepares so-called "parent
object" ($pObj) and injects it to your class so that you can work with
some "environment".

As said, consider reading a book about TYPO3 development or at the very
least install a proper development environment with some IDE (PhpStorm,
NetBeans, ZendStudio, ...) and Xdebug to let you step through your code
and analyze the stack trace, will help *a lot* to let you understand the
inner working of TYPO3 and where and when things are done.


Xavier Perseguers
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