[TYPO3-english] RTE-Inhalt parsen und in zwei Teile teilen

Peter Linzenkirchner liste at lisardo.de
Tue Jul 16 09:28:10 CEST 2013

Hello David, 

thank you for your answer. Well, how his viewhelper works describes exactly the problem. It works with the php command substr: 

	public function render($content = NULL, $start = 0, $length = NULL) {
		if ($content === NULL) {
			$content = $this->renderChildren();
		if ($length !== NULL) {
			return substr($content, $start, $length);
		return substr($content, $start);

Doesn`t work for rich text fields because it destroys the DOM and is only recommended for text fields without markup. If using it on rich text you have to strip all tags before. 


Am 15.07.2013 um 21:37 schrieb d.ros <projects at r-system.de>:

> See my answer in your german post.
> Cheers David

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