[TYPO3-english] Re: Requests lock TYPO3?

Mitja mitja.orlic at gmail.com
Mon Jul 15 23:03:23 CEST 2013

Hi Soren & thank you for your reply.

However, to test this I of course did not send emails all the time. Instead i put a sleep() function into my code and exited before any sending is done.

Then I observed that if I make another request with the same user i do not get a response until the first request is complete. Pardon me, but as far as I know, this is not normal PHP (apache) behaviour. Requests that are made on separate files are not sequential or done in an order, however within TYPO3 I think that this is the case.

So, In my extension I call the module with the url = typo3/mod.php?M=mymodule, and then at the same time I call typo3/ajax.php?ajaxID=someid:whatever

AND in order for the AJAX to rerturn a response I have to wait for the first(typo3/mod.php?M=mymodule) to be over. Do I make sense?

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