[TYPO3-english] [BE][fileadminDir] for Directory on server in YAG-Gallery

Vasyl Mosijchuk vasyl at typo3.net.ua
Wed Jul 10 12:52:39 CEST 2013

I change [BE][fileadminDir] from "fileadmin/" to "myfileadmin/".

Then I go to the "Directory on server" in YAG-Gallery to add images but can not because they're "Directory on server" are empty.

It turns out that "yag / Classes / Domain / FileSystem / Div.php" is hardcoded written "fileadmin/".

63 ... 70 line

	 * Returns path of directory that is configured as fileadmin
	 * @return string  Path to fileadmin
	public static function getFileadminPath() {
		return 'fileadmin/';

and ...

317: if($GLOBALS['BE_USER']->user['admin'] == 1) $fileMounts[]['path'] = $this->getT3BasePath() . 'files/';

How to make the data were taken from "[BE] [fileadminDir]"?
TYPO3 Integrator

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