[TYPO3-english] Custom menu item link

Robert Wildling rowild at gmx.net
Sat Jul 6 15:12:44 CEST 2013

For interaction with some Javascript, like in an accordion?
I would do that via JavaScript, sthm like:

$('ul > li.firstlevel a').click(function(event){

For the JavaScript-of scenario you could set the page type within TYPO3 
to "Alias" and link it to the first child site.

If you prefer TypoScript, you could go with "doNotLinkIt":

NO {
	doNotLinkIt = 1
	// or use optionSplit: eg to deactivate the 3rd link
	// doNotLinkIt = || || 1 |*| |*|
	stdWrap.wrap = <a href="#">|</a>

	// or play around with before and after
	before.cObject = TEXT
	before.cObject.value = <a href="#">
	after.cObject = TEXT
	after.cObject.value = </a>

Or use the Spacer type for the pages in question.

All untested!!

Good luck!

> Hi,
> How can i define custom URL for menu items? What i want to do is to set
> first level menu links href to "#". Thx!
> Regards.

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