[TYPO3-english] YAG photo gallery does nt wok in IE

Christian Essl essl at incert.at
Wed Jul 3 14:32:08 CEST 2013

Your error message already describes the problem in a very specific way. 
Your website does not have a valid doctype, which causes IE to render the website in "quirksmode". A sort of "fallback mode" for older non-standard-compliant websites, that uses a rendering engine similar to IE5 (which is _really_ old and I doubt that Galleria script support IE5 anymore )
More about quirksmode:

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Dear all, I need ur help.

when I open my gallery in IE, it shows up the following message:

can any one help me to solve this?

Your page is in Quirks mode, Galleria may not render correctly. Please validate your HTML and add a correct doctype.

Fatal error: Your browser is in Quirks Mode, please add a correct doctype.
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