[TYPO3-english] Cache Page Per Domain

Sengchheang sengchheang at web-essentials.asia
Wed Jul 3 09:27:36 CEST 2013

Dear all,

My problem is about "Page Caching" that every domain uses the same
cache.  I am currently running a multiple domain website with only one
pagetree and with EXT:multidomain_publishing to display content for
specify domain.

e.g: step to produce the error:

Browse by order.

1. http://www.domain.tld/en/mypage/
2. http://www.fr.domain.tld/en/mypage/
3. http://www.de.domain.tld/en/mypage/

Here I can see the contents in FR & DE domain are from the cache of

But I can see the real content by specifying no_cache since I denied to
display to some contents by using EXT:multidomain_publishing.

2. http://www.fr.domain.tld/en/mypage/?no_cache=1
3. http://www.de.domain.tld/en/mypage/?no_cache=1

If there is a way to tell TYPO3 to cache the page by taking domain into
account, this problem should be solved as well.

I think it is only new issue to me but you, and please let me know if
you have any suggestion.

Thank you very much in advance.


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