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Torsten Schrade schradt at uni-mainz.de
Wed Jul 3 00:33:31 CEST 2013

Hi Dirk

> Hi Torsten,
> thank you for publishing your work.
> I did a quick install (TYPO3 6.0.4) and browsed the sample data in the backend.
> There are some issues. But I think this list is not the right place to 
> discuss them.
> Where would you prefer to get them reported: in github or on typo3 
> forge. Did you already register an extension key and a project on 
> forge.typo3.org?

I would have thought that there might be issues on a 6+. Our 
development basis was a 4.7. Thanks a lot for being so courageous and 
to test it on a higher version and for your feedback. I think the forge 
always is a good place for collaborative development, so here we go:


If you would like to join the team with your account just drop me a 
line. And yes, the extension key 'catalogueraisonne' is registered so 
that we can have a vessel for our common goal ;)


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