[TYPO3-english] CE Insert Records and colPos - T3 6.1.1

JoH asenau info at cybercraft.de
Tue Jul 2 10:25:47 CEST 2013

> If inside
> column with colPos > 0 i put content element Insert Records and pick
> some records from other pages to show by reference this content element
> is not rendered, but if i move Insert Records element to column with
> colPos= 0 it is rendered.
> To pass column content to FLUID template im using normal variable
> assigment:
> page.10 {
>     variables {
>       content < styles.content.get
>       contentLeft < styles.content.get
>       contentLeft.select.where= colPos=1
>       contentRight < styles.content.get
>       contentRight.select.where= colPos=2
>   }
> }
> This way all is rendered as i want except this Insert Records content
> element - works only for colPos=0.

Did you check if it works without FLUIDTEMPLATE i.e. with a simple COA 
If it does, the problem might be related to the way FLUIDTEMPLATE is 
rendering the content.



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