[TYPO3-english] Cache going wild?

amadeo Marketing & Design - Paul Garais garais at amadeo-marketing.de
Mon Jul 1 16:29:22 CEST 2013

Hey list,

after a server-migration I experience some problems with the cache: I have several extensions 
running on that site, which are working great so far and did before. After a server-migration I 
experience problems with the detail-views of some extensions. Since these are the views using the 
chash, I think there is something going wrong with the cache.

On the old server I had just a basic cronjob for the crawler-ext which I use together with 
indexed_search. Now I added some cronjobs with own configurations for the crawler for every 
extension because of better performance. Could that be related to my problem? I tested all the 
cronjobs and configurations and they are working great. For example: I use a calendar-extension and 
the crawler has a config for the detail-view and is correctly getting all the ID's of the events and 
also correctly working them through and puts them into the index-tables. If I use the search it 
works fine and I get the detail views correctly. But after some time (I am not sure which interval) 
they break.
It shows like this: If the detail-view of the extension can't find an event in the corresponding 
table, it gives back a failure-message formatted in HTML instead of the details of this event. After 
an event is edited in the backend or people call the detail-view several times (sometimes it is ok 
for days), it starts to show that error.

The conclusion of this? I think the cache stores wrong contents and gives them back because to a 
given chash it stored the failure-message instead of the detailview. If I reset the cache manually 
through the backend everything works fine, but starts again after some time. First I thought I did 
something wrong in the crawler config, but the crawler-cronjob runs every night and the detail-view 
does not break for every event on the next day after clearing the cache. Sometimes it is working for 
days for a particualer event...

Any ideas?

Paul Garais 	

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