[TYPO3-english] Issue with adjusting height of the main div

Historia historia1 at historia-web.de
Mon Jul 1 13:12:38 CEST 2013

Sorry, my answer was not going to the list.

The code belongs to css styled content. I would rather not mess around 
with that, because that is the basic layout definition of typo3. With 
the right definitions of the your css it should work.

In Dreamweaver the textpic-clear only clears the textpic-left as it should.

But in FF21, Chrome27 and IE10 the same effect.

I I add float:left to the middle column the effect is gone.
#mitte {
   width: auto;
   margin: 0 230px;
   margin-top: 0px;
   padding-left: 15px;
   padding-right: 5px;
   background-color: #F0F0F0;

Before the middle column stretches to the left with the margin 230px. So 
it has to flow round the menu as well.

Hope that helps


Hi Herbert,

Thanks for the info, however I did not insert the code.

Could you tell me where/how could I fix this?


Dear Gabriel,

Your problem has nothing to do with Typo3. It is the code of the html 
which is not really according to the latest technology.

/* Clearer */
         DIV.csc-textpic-clear { clear: both; }

<div class="csc-textpic-clear"><!-- --></div>

This element is always below the Menu.

maybe this helps for the further search.


On 20/06/2013 14:39, Gabriel Marchesan Almeida wrote:
> Dear All,
> First of all I apologize for the question, but I am pretty new on typo3.
> I have realized that the main container (div) high is depending on the
> menu high. If not many elements are added to the menu, no extra space is
> inserted into the main container. However, if the menu has a lot of
> elements, the main container has extra space (I have seem the high of
> the style in this page is too much.
> I would like to make the main container just next to the section without
> leaving this empty space on the page.
> Any help is very welcome.

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