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Robert Wildling rowild at gmx.net
Mon Jul 1 08:10:17 CEST 2013

Cool! The coincidence goes even further! :-) I am working on a 
composer's catalogue of works, too, and was looking for you you discuss 

Gluck-site is awesome! And Henze was an interesting compoer, so I look 
very much forward to that site - or is it already up?

Thank you for sharing!
Best, Robert

> Hi Dirk
>> BTW why don't you put the whole extension into the TER? Its concept
>> seems to be quite general and meets even scientific requirements.
>> Thank you very much for sharing!
> Glad it worked out for you! Really cool that somebody else works on the
> same topic. Yes, you're absolutely right, we'll share the extension as
> soon as possible, some project specific things need to be ironed out and
> then off it goes to TER ;)
> Cheers,
> Torsten

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