[TYPO3-english] Backend speed performance 4.3.5 vs 6.0.1

Christian Kuhn lolli at schwarzbu.ch
Wed Jan 30 23:54:08 CET 2013


On 01/30/2013 11:16 PM, Philipp Gampe wrote:
> Christian Kuhn wrote:
>>   install tool should
>> actually check the system and set the quickest solution automatically or
>> something.
> Yes, this is missing ... I guess we could set a few other settings after
> some tests too. E.g. curlUse, etc.
> Currently the IM settings are automatically set.
> This is in my head since long, but I never got to the point to put it into a
> patch.

For me, too. At the moment I'm more and more playing with the idea of 
adding some new step 1 to the install process (it should be also 
reachable in the install tool after installing, similar to the phpinfo() 
tab), just to *check* the system environment (php memory, required php 
extensions, write accesses, ability to crypt passwords for 
saltedpasswords, ...).

During install, this should show some "your system is cool, proceed" or 
some "you will have problems with xy, be warned that your system might 
be broken if you proceed installing". After install, it should just show 
some status.

Goal: This would enable a clear distinction between reports module (show 
typo3 system status, only), and install module (shows system depedency 
status like php environment, only). It would also enable us to 
streamline the current messages about that: At the moment, this is 
cluttered in "about modules" (method 
backendUtility:displayWarningMessages), in the reports module, it is 
done in the bootstrap (eg. php version check), it is in the install tool 
(the first module 'generic settings' or what it is called), and i'd bet 
there are even more places than that.

Furthermore, any 'first step' install code should have *no* dependencies 
to any other typo3 system things (no t3lib_div calls, ...), it should 
have *little or no* dependency to the php version itself, it should be 
completely standalone (without using other t3 things), it should not 
fail itself my any means. For an admin, this should be the first thing 
to check if installing or moving an instance from one environment to 

Imho, this could simplify the whole php / system / environment thing a 
lot and could give us a clear definition, where any dependency 
definition needs to be placed. If we're lucky, adding a new step 1 is 
also not that complicated, so we don't need to completely refactor the 
install tool at this point, which is clearly a much more complicated task.

The part to decide on sane configuration defaults during the install 
process would be separated thing from all that.

What do you think?


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