[TYPO3-english] multiple conditions

Katja Lampela katja.lampela at lieska.net
Mon Jan 21 19:45:45 CET 2013


In extension browser the ajax is imported into page object with some conditions (shown below) and I would want to add my condition into it:
import it into all the other browsers but not to Internet Explorer versions below 9.

So here's the ts:

// AJAX page object
[browser = msie] && [version => 9] || [globalString = GP:tx_browser_pi1|segment=single] || [globalString = GP:tx_browser_pi1|segment=list] || [globalString = GP:tx_browser_pi1|segment=searchform]
// Don't handle header of content element
lib.stdHeader >
// Don't wrap content element with a default div
tt_content.stdWrap >
// Don't prefix the content element with a comment
tt_content.list.20.stdWrap.prefixComment >
// Remove the current page obeject
page >
// Create a page object for AJAX
page < plugin.tx_browser_pi1.javascript.ajax.page
// AJAX page object

I have added only the first [browser = msie] && [version => 9]
but this doesn't work. Ajax is imported into all IE versions.

What am I doing wrong?

With kind regards

Katja Lampela

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