[TYPO3-english] Send email X hours after FE-user sign up? (or delayed emails)

Morten Kjems mortenkjems at gmail.com
Wed Jan 16 23:35:09 CET 2013


I am looking for a solution to time emails sent to a user after they 
have signed up as FE-users.

There are several scenarios e.g.:

1. The user sign up for a course and should receive a new lesson every 
day or week.

2. The user sign up at your site but never completes the payment that 
make them 'members'. In this scenario we want to contact them the next 
day to let them know that we can help if something went wrong in the 
payment process. Again we want to 'delay' or 'time' the sending of the 
email and only send it to users that belong to the group 'initial' and 
not to the group 'members'.

So I am basically looking for a way to send emails to FE-users based on 
the conditions 'usergroup' and 'time since creation'.

Does any of the existing newsletter extensions support this?

Or is there another way.

All suggestions are most welcome.

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