[TYPO3-english] TYPO3 6.0.2 :: backend user can not access filemount subfolders in TYPO3 element browser

Roland most.wanted at gmx.at
Thu Feb 28 15:20:59 CET 2013

hi everybody,

TYPO3 version: 6.0.2

i created a backend user and an associated backend usergroup. 
Furthermore i created a filemount which uses the auto-created storage 

the backend user can successfully upload files and add folders to that 
filemount via filelist module. everything seems to be ok.

the problem: the backend user can not see any subfolders of that 
filemount in the TYPO3 element browser (e.g. when selecting an image for 
the content element "images"). in the TYPO3 element browser the backend 
user only sees the files in the filemount folder itself. no subfolders 
are visible/accessible.

can anybody else reproduce this?

kind regards


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