[TYPO3-english] Multiple Typo3 Servers to one database

Rudi Meyer rme at systime.dk
Thu Feb 28 09:30:27 CET 2013

Hi Christian

It sounds really interesting not having to share the typo3temp directory,
can you tell more about any issues you encountered while doing this? What
changes in configuration is necessary to have TYPO3 not belly up from the
lack of sync of typo3temp?

Rudi Meyer
Forlaget Systime

On 28 February 2013 08:49, Christian Weiske <christian.weiske at netresearch.de
> wrote:

> Hello Pablo,
> > I trying to get some help to know how should I configure two web
> > servers Apache with Typo3 pointing to the same database?
> We have a setup with 3-6 (depending on the load) frontend TYPO3 servers
> that are behind a load balancer. All of them use the same database.
> They do not have any shared files, not even typo3temp or fileadmin.
> Changes the database and to fileadmin/user_upload and so are done on an
> editor system that gets synced to the live servers every couple of
> minutes. Database sync is made with a custom extension, while the sync
> of fileadmin and typo3conf/ext (for deployments) is made via rsync.
> We once used to share typo3temp via NFS, but got into trouble
> because it just wasn't fast enough - there were concurrent accesses to
> the same temporary files, and one machine would delete the file while
> the other machine just verified its existence and tried to access it.
> Note that we have this effects at several million page impressions/day,
> so you can probably share typo3temp. The only downside of not sharing
> typo3temp is that temp files get regenerated several times, and web
> service requests that get cached in typo3temp are made serveral times
> now, too.
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