[TYPO3-english] sr_feuser_register - usergroup problem

Simon Child simon at srchild.com
Tue Feb 26 10:57:34 CET 2013

My 4.7.8 site uses sr_feuser_register 3.0.1 to enable registrations and 
self-update of details.

I don't want users to choose their own fe usergroups so that field is not 
displayed. Those are maintained manually outside of this process (e.g. 
fe_users.usergroup will be set to 1 for someone who has registered on the 
website and clicked the email confirmation, and they may subsequently be 
upgraded to 'member' and then fe_users.usergroup will show 1,3)

Under v2 of sr_feuser_register, when a user updated their details the 
usergroup settings were preserved.

I'm seeing now, since I upgraded to v3, that an update of details by the 
user wipes out their usergroup settings and reverts them to 1 only.

Is this a configuration error by me (where shall I look?) or a bug/feature 
of sr_feuser_register?

My template does include the usergroup sections, but usergroup is not 
included in plugin.tx_srfeuserregister_pi1.formFields because I don't want 
the user to choose usergroup.

Your help welcome

thank you

Simon Child 

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