[TYPO3-english] hide page by typoscript for shortcut - first subpage

Milos Homola homola at runit.sk
Fri Feb 22 10:11:11 CET 2013


I have following problem with mobile version of website:

menu 'like in phones'
 Menu item 1 (shortcut to first subpage)
 Menu item 2
 Menu item 3

after click on Menu item 1
 Menu item 1
   (Menu item 1.0)
   Menu item 1.1
   Menu item 1.2
 Menu item 2
 Menu item 3

Menu item 1.1,1.2 have content and link 'back to menu'
Menu item 1.0
 - hidden on destop website by excludeUidList
 - hidden on mobile website by CSS, it is used only to display submenu
different behavior is defined in typoscript

problem is that 'Menu item 1' is also on desktop version
linking to 'Menu item 1.0'
shortcut is not affected by excludeUidList

I can generate desktop menu by TEXT and typolink
but what with sitemap?

is it possible to
 - hide page by typoscript for target of shortcut - first subpage?
 - or change shortcut target page by typoscript?

TYPO3 version 4.5.22


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