[TYPO3-english] T3 6.0 and headerData (not appearing)

Douglas La Farge douglas.lafarge at gmail.com
Thu Feb 21 17:04:34 CET 2013

Hi Jan,

To be more specific (and to answer Dmitri's question):

T3 6.0.2
CoolURI 1.0.32 

I've been making a point of updating all my extensions on a very regular basis.

It appears as though the urls only "bust" with tt_news items.

You can see this on this page:

clicking the first link I get:
Page Not Found

Reason: Segment "ff63f3eb99e09bd3d24eae86ff839b8b" was not a keyword for a postVarSet as expected on page with id=46.

No errors are reported in the httpd error log.

There are no errors or anything in T3 Log reported when clicking the first link on the blog page.

CoolURI is configured using the CoolURIConf.xml file provided in the install.

The record for the page is in the link_cache table:
www.sushibynature.com at view/ff63f3eb99e09bd3d24eae86ff839b8b/	cHash=ff63f3eb99e09bd3d24eae86ff839b8b&id=20

One thing I find that might be of interest. When I log into the Install tool and COMPARE this is reported:

 ALTER TABLE link_cache RENAME zzz_deleted_link_cache; 
Records in table: 19

 ALTER TABLE link_oldlinks RENAME zzz_deleted_link_oldlinks; 

On Feb 20, 2013, at 11:41 PM, Jan Bednarik 
So install doesn't think the tables for CoolURI are needed.

One more thing I just noticed. The CoolURI manual isn't rendering:


<info at bednarik.org> wrote:

> Hi Douglas,
> > CoolURI - this url use to work just fine (I've disabled CoolURI - and no, Dmitri.... RealURL isn't much better in my install ;):
> you're the first one to complain that CoolUri is not working under 6.0. Can you be more specific?
> Jan
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