[TYPO3-english] TCA prevent direct access to record

Roland most.wanted at gmx.at
Mon Feb 18 10:16:48 CET 2013

hi philipp,

thanks a lot - this works.

i used namespaces and put the pageTSconfig file into 
/Configuration/TypoScript/ - i guess this is ok, isn't it?

--- quote ---


--- /quote ---

the facts on the wiki page is indeed outdated, isn't it? was 
setPageTSconfig and setUserTSconfig removed some time ago?

should i add some facts to that wiki page? is there some more current 
information already somewhere else in the wiki. we could add a link. 
otherwise i could a outdated note right beside the 
"setPageGSconfig/setUserTSconfig" code snippet on that wiki page.

what do you think?

kind regards


Am 18.02.13 09:54, schrieb Philipp Gampe:
> Hi Roland,
> Roland wrote:
>> is it possible that this does not work in TYPO3 6.0 any longer? there is
>> an outdated disclaimer at the top of the page and i did not get it to
>> work in my TYPO3 6.0 project.
> You need to register it with the new name of this method:
> t3lib_extMgm::addUserTSConfig('<INCLUDE_TYPOSCRIPT:
> source="FILE:EXT:###extension_key###/userTSconfig.txt">');
> in ext_localconf.php
> Best regards

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