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Thanks for reply:) I got it:)
Another issue. For another project i need to have a 2 different templates
for 2 different languages. But if i copy the main template and name it as
anothe rlanguage and make the first level menu elements, typo 3 says that
the page can't be found. To explain visualy here is what i have made
Template1(language1) - shorcut to page1
Template2(language2) - shortcut to page4
On the language menu top left i made a refference to UID of template1 and

Elemetns from template1 show ok but when i swith UID to language template2
she shorcut page shows ok but if i try accesing page5 i get an error that
page does not exsist?
Maybe I'm doing this in bad way?
My golad is to apriach 2 diferent languages in the main first level meniu
navigation by puting pages manualy and manualy translating them.


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> On 16-2-2013 21:44, j.j wrote:
>> I'm trying to understand switching between languages in typo3. I installed
> All information about languages in a TYPO3 website can be found in:
> http://docs.typo3.org/**typo3cms/**FrontendLocalizationGuide/**Index.html<http://docs.typo3.org/typo3cms/FrontendLocalizationGuide/Index.html>
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