[TYPO3-english] Extension manager

Stefan Reichelt eichelt at web.de
Sat Feb 16 16:27:49 CET 2013

Hello Julius,

On 16/02/2013 15:51, j.j wrote:
> Hi,
> I installed new typo3 6.0.2 powered with introduction package into
> localhost mashine but the extension manager doesn't load. Says the web page
> is not available.
> Anybody encountered this issue and knows how to solve it?
> Julius

Do you use Windows on your localhost?
Many had the same problem on it, this fixes it:
Fluid uses complex regular expressions which require a lot of stack
space during the first processing. On Windows the default stack size for
Apache is a lot smaller than on unix. You can increase the size to 8MB
(default on unix) by adding to the httpd.conf:

ThreadStackSize 8388608

Restart Apache after this change.

Don't know where this quote is from anymore, worked for me too though.

Kind regards

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