[TYPO3-english] Extension Manager not Activating Extensions

Matthew Cooper matthewcooper at mac.com
Sat Feb 16 01:11:01 CET 2013


I am running 6.0.2 on PHP 5.3.14 and the Extension Manager will not Activate the extension. On clicking the activate icon the page looks like the extension is Activating but the extension list reload the the extension has not been activated.

At first the log was showing an error in the /extensionmanager/Classes/Utility/DependencyUtility.php on line 146. There was a "Invalid argument supplied for foreach()" cause by a string being pass to the foreach loop (some extension set the constraints/conflicts to a string. I added the test of an array around the foreach fixing this error.

Still the extension do not activate and there is no error in the log.


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