[TYPO3-english] Shutting down the german list?

Thomas Skierlo pubtsk1 at pix-pro.eu
Thu Feb 14 11:01:48 CET 2013

There are pros and cons for shutting down all non-English lists for TYPO3.

The pros: Nobody is cut out from important information about current 
TYPO3 development, at least if he or she is able to understand English. 
This can be expected for all developers -- but not necessarily for users 
and integrators.

The cons: The vast majority of users which can only communicate in their 
native language will leave the list -- and possibly TYPO3 and all 

A couple of weeks ago there was an important discussion in the German 
list about the current situation of TYPO3. Some users, including myself, 
tried to move this discussion to the English list (or even better, to 
the new English list for meta discussions) -- without success.

TYPO3 already has lost it's former global status and a lot of 
international users which have moved on to other products. I doubt that 
shutting down the German list will cure that problem, since the real 
problems of TYPO3 were introduced by technocrats with a passion for 
latest S/W paradigms instead of a passion for CMS. This situation 
started around 2009 -- and is getting tougher day by day.

I am a German living in the Netherlands, and I could live easily without 
a German list. I believe that dropping it could be the last coffin nail 
for TYPO3 in the current situation. Might be much better to encourage 
all users of the German list to use the English one instead. At least, 
if they can. Could be eased by giving "better" answers in the official 
English list.

My recommendation for a better future of TYPO3: Stop all further 
development until there is a suitable base of information about the 
current state in written English. Drop that ridicules release schedule 
and get some non-programming/marketing staff into the team which is 
taking core decisions.


Thomas Skierlo

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