[TYPO3-english] Time Shift in Cal Extn

Sandy Matheson sandy at mathesonuk.com
Wed Feb 13 15:36:03 CET 2013


We have been using the Cal extension for some time to import and display 
information imported from Google Calendars. In general this works very 
well. However we have experienced a problem with the time of recurring 
events. These are shifted by an hour.

To show this here is a test Google Calendar:

And here is the same calendar imported into the Cal Extension and 
displayed in TYPO3:

The event in Google is listed at 8am, the event is displayed in TYPO3 at 

This ONLY happens with recurring events.

I thought this might have been something to do with Summer/Winter time 
changes here in the UK but the problem persisted and hasn't changed 
before or after the last time the clocks changed.

Any help much appreciated,


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