[TYPO3-english] Remove csc-default wrap for my plugin

BVB Media (Bas van Beek) bvbmedia at gmail.com
Mon Feb 11 15:01:53 CET 2013

For the CE header I use:

# Disable default header
#tt_content.list.10 >

# Add "CASE" statement, with header except for listed elements
tt_content.list.10 = CASE
tt_content.list.10 {
	# Depending on the type of plugin
key.field = list_type

	# Usually just render the default stdHeader
default = < lib.stdheader

	# Do nothing (empty "TEXT" object) for "my_plugin_pi1" 		
	# and "kb_plugin_pi1". Both wont get a header rendered
tx_multishop_pi1 = TEXT

Perhaps you can use this together with tt_content.stdWrap.innerWrap part.

Best regards,

Met innovatieve groet / With best regards,

Bas van Beek

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The Netherlands


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Hi list,

I've built a plugin where sometimes the output could be empty. But it is always surrounded by this:

<div class="csc-default"></div>

(nothing inside)

I would like to get rid of this, but only for my plugin. I just saw the way in Typoscript to get rid of it but for every type of content element, and I just don't want that.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance,
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