[TYPO3-english] Powermail 1.6 Date Picker

Jan Bednarik info at bednarik.org
Wed Feb 6 21:18:24 CET 2013

Hey guys,

I have some trouble with the date picker included in Powermail when a 
field is of date type.

1) Prefill - I need to prefill this field from GP var that contains UNIX 
timestamp. I have this TS:

prefill {
         uid33 = TEXT
         uid33.data = GP:datefrom
         uid33.strftime = Date: {$plugin.powermail.format.date}

but that doesn't work.

2) By default, the widget uses jQuery picker, but when I remove jQuery 
forms library, I get a different picker that's much nicer. Moreover, 
there is some trouble with the picker in Chrome, when the first click on 
a date doesn't react (besides scrolling a page).

Thanks for advice


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