[TYPO3-english] ImageMagick 6.8.0-10 2012-12-16 Q16 + TYPO3 V6.X too dark images

Jigal van Hemert jigal.van.hemert at typo3.org
Tue Feb 5 08:47:27 CET 2013


On 5-2-2013 1:14, Christian Kuhn wrote:
> * I don't like that some additional setting needs to be done to get it
> right again. imho, the code should handle it internally (read: take
> correct path by checking im version). But, if its done internally and
> released as bugfix, this means that all images will change during
> upgrading (they are technically more correct than before, but they *do*
> change). This might not be exactly cool for some people, especially if
> released as bugfix for 4.5.

The problem with automagically determining the right setting is that 
this is usually done by checking a version number. If the authors of IM 
see the light and revert the default behaviour in  6.8.2 we have the 
same problem and need to release a bugfix for that version.

Having a setting will at least let an administrator make the changes 

If any automatic handling is done it should be a test with an image. 
We've done this kind of magic before with dpi-settings for Freetype 
versions (before we dropped support for GD < 2).
This is typically a task for the Install Tool and it may still be 
necessary to have a manual setting if for some reason the test may give 
incorrect resultats.

> * We might release the patch for 6.1 only (and *maybe* 6.0), but then
> there will be no good choice for instances of 4.7 and below ...
> * If there is an additional config setting, there should be logic to at
> least choose some sane default during install process.

We could split the solution in two cases:
- 6.1 (maybe 6.0) : automatic detection in Install Tool, with 
possibility to set it manually
- lower versions, for the sake of stability and because it is more 
likely that older IM versions are used: manual setting with default to 
RGB (as it was hardcoded before)

For now I would go with Anja's patch. As a follow up for newer releases 
try to implement an automatic check; RMs can decide if they will allow 
this in their releases. At least the issue will be fixed and if the RM 
allows it even with an automatic solution.

(For 6.2 LTS I would really like to build a new graphics library. Maybe 
it can be started soon and have it completely ready for 6.2-alpha1.)

Jigal van Hemert
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