[TYPO3-english] question about typoscript_setup

tom liu typostudy at gmail.com
Mon Feb 4 09:11:16 CET 2013


In typo3conf/ext/myext/pi1/class.tx_myext_pi1.php,code is like this:
function main($content, $conf) {
        $this->conf = $conf;
        $this->templateCode =
        $func = $this->pi_getFFvalue($this->cObj->data['pi_flexform'],
        if ($this->conf['CODE'] == 'Statistics') $func = 'mainStatistics';
I run var_dump($this->conf), and I can see result:  ...["CODE"]=>
string(10) "Statistics" } array(5)...,I want to find out which file has
this kind of configuration, eg.CODE = Statistics, so
1, I checked myext/ext_typoscript_setup.txt, there is no such setting for
2. I checked mysite/typo3->template->general->setup, there is no such
setting for "CODE".
So how could I get the place/file which has setting for "CODE"? Thanks.


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