[TYPO3-english] Error Handling

Viktor Livakivskyi invisible.kinder at gmail.com
Fri Feb 1 12:45:50 CET 2013

There are no special pages for that, because server error may be caused on 
OS level and PHP (with TYPO3) can do nothing here.
Another possible thing is PHP error or Exception thrown somewhere in a 
code, and here you can specify your own error handler or/and exception 
handler, if you don't like default ones:

Четвер, 31 січня 2013 р. 16:26:09 UTC+2 користувач Pablo Feldman написав:
> If typo3 could return an error page over apache error page, there must be 
> a 
> way in typo3 to override this page 
> Thanks 
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