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Jigal van Hemert jigal.van.hemert at typo3.org
Tue Apr 30 11:25:19 CEST 2013


On 30-4-2013 9:40, Mitja wrote:
> hi Jigal, mine was only an idea, I dont see why the need to get all
> pumped up about this.

I'm not pumped up, just trying to get some feedback on the issues you found.

> "They" as in the people who work on the extension manager. I get that
> you get very frustrated with this but the truth here is that the new
> EXT.manager has been ruined.

I'm not frustrated at all. You do have to realize one thing: "It won't 
fix itself, even if you do nothing".
If you don't report anything, "they" will not know which problems you 
found. Simply stating that "the truth is that has been ruined" only 
expresses some of your frustration, but it's not enough to fix anything 
or to make improvements.
In half a year you can write that you've said that it was ruined and 
that "they" didn't do anything about it.
So, please report the missing features or broken options to the 
bugtracker in forge. If someone wants to work on the Extension Manager 
at least he/she can find out about what is wanted by the people who use 
it and what seems to be broken.

> Just checked 6.1 and while I praise the simplicity I cannot understand
> how some things we had before like file inspector and SYSTEM/Local ext.
> are nowhere to be seen in the new one. Also, why not reporting this?
> Honestly, because no one gives a damn. I did report some bugs, but since
> no one even replies in months or cant close the bug and reply I dont see
> why I should even report it. Tell me this isnt true.

Okay, this isn't true.

Each week there is a "Friendly Ghost" [1] who looks at new bug reports, 
asks for feedback if necessary, etc. The Friendly Ghost won't solve 
things immediately, it's for the first look at issues.
If you want an issue to be closed you can ask him/her about it too. On 
the Friendly Ghost page [1] is a calendar where you can find who is the 
Ghost for a certain week.

The Extension Manager in 6.0 was simplified to make it usable for 
integrators. It should be about installing and configuring extensions. 
Seeing if an extension is system/local is indeed in my eyes a missing 
option. The file inspector is not something for an integrator. 
Developers have other tools for looking at an extension code.
I personally would like to have an option to see if an extension has 
been modified before deciding to upgrade it to a newer version.

Many things won't be fixed very quickly. TYPO3 is developed by 
volunteers who do this in their spare time. The focus is on serious bugs 
and issues that developers are interested in. Everybody can however 
contribute with a patch. If you aren't a programmer yourself you can 
find someone who can do it for you.
Alternatively you can write a post about a bug that is important to you 
and see if you can find someone in the many mailing list who is willing 
to work on that.

You can also help a bit with handling the bug reports. Even if you can't 
provide patches yourself you can at least test if a bug report is valid. 
You can update the report with your findings or a recipe to solve it if 
it is only a misconfiguration. Or provide a simple way to reproduce the 
problem. That will help a lot!

Vote for issues. Quite a few developers regularly look at the most voted 
bugs and features. This is a very simple way to express which issues are 
the most important ones.

[1] http://forge.typo3.org/projects/typo3v4-core/wiki/FriendlyGhost

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