[TYPO3-english] Give +1 for the Extension Feedback Process

Elmar Hinz t3elmar at googlemail.com
Mon Apr 29 11:46:51 CEST 2013


* Do you like to know, which extensions work with your version of TYPO3?
* Do you like to know, how many people are using your extension?
* Do you like to know, with what versions of TYPO3 your extension is working?

If you say YES to one of this questions, you may be interested to support my idea of an simple and effictive feedback system for extensions. 

The idea is to put a YES/NO feedback button directly into the extension manager. The feedback is collected with the given versions into TER and evaluated automatically. The result could also be use i.e. to improve the search algorithm in the TER frontend.

As you can image multiple parts of infrastructure and multiple people need to be involved to get this started. It's not technically ambitious, but a challange of organisatian. It can only happen, if there is a real interest from side of the community. 

To get a measurement of this interest I collect +1 from this moment on. I want to see at least 30 times +1. You can answer to this list or send +1 by twitter: https://twitter.com/t3elmar

I will list you with your name as a supporter below the project plan: https://github.com/t3elmar/ExtensionFeedback

If you are interested give +1. I you are really interested find another person to give +1.  If I don't find at least 30 supports within the community, the idea remains a nice idea, may picked up later on by someone else.

Thank you for your support.


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