[TYPO3-english] Rewrite file link paths - and a two questions about DAM an FAL

Philipp Gampe philipp.gampe at typo3.org
Fri Apr 26 12:06:09 CEST 2013

Hi Urs Bräm,

Urs Bräm wrote:

> The main reason would be to have a shorter file path, more
> understandable for user and getting rid of /fileadmin/ which looks
> oldschoolish and tells everyone it's a TYPO3 site.

You can do this via your webserver configuration (e.g. .htaccess in case of 
With 6.0 you can use any path as filemount.

> I'm not sure if this could/might be done with RealURL, or if it's a
> feature DAM or FAL in TYPO3 6.0 will offer.

You could use a custom FAL driver that returns a special public url.

> Regarding DAM: According to
> http://buzz.typo3.org/teams/dam/article/new-features-in-dam-13-and-the-future-of-dam/
> there won't be much development going into DAM anymore, is that still
> correct? Would you recommend it's use in a 4.5 Site that won't be
> upgraded until end of 4.5 Support?

You can use DAM for 4.5. I am not sure if there is a public available update 
script that converts DAM references into FAL references, however I guess 
there will be one for 6.2.

> Regarding FAL: will it be possible to set expiry dates on documents? Can
> you point me to a good feature description?

This and translations are IMHO still missing.

Best regards
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