[TYPO3-english] - import a table

Francesc Juliana sad at sdf.com
Wed Apr 24 08:38:14 CEST 2013

I think it's a resize problem.
The following process may be done in user machine because it is local 
You must place the mouse pointer to the right bottom corner, of the window, 
until the mousepointer changes to double arrow. Then clicks the left mouse 
button and keep pressing it while you drag the mouse until the window grows 
as desired. In that point you unpress the button. Next close the insert 
table window using the cross in the top right window.
The next time you open ths insert table window I supose you will get the 
same size that you had just before you closing last window.
This could be a reason . Try it.


"Gregoire Llorca" <gllorca at esf.org> escribió en el mensaje 
news:mailman.1.1366725875.12942.typo3-english at lists.typo3.org...
> Dear all,
> First of all I would like to apologize if this topic is not in the right 
> place, I have been looking for an errors & problems section but couldn't 
> find it.
> One of our backend user is currently having trouble with a specific 
> action. When she clicks on "New content element", then "Regular text 
> element", she gets to a window where it is possible to "insert table". 
> There, the new window that pops up is incomplete. Although we can resize 
> it, the content of the window is still half hidden/unreadable.
> When other user do the same, there is no problem. When I try with her 
> account, I still don't get the same problem. She tries with IE (instead of 
> Firefox that we usually use) and she doesn't have the problem anymore.
> If you have a look at the two pictures uploaded with this post, you'll see 
> that picture 1 is what she gets (the problem) and picture 2 is what she is 
> supposed to get.
> For info :
> Typo3 is v.4.5.25
> Firefox is v19.0.2
> OS is W7x32 SP1
> I also got her username and the project's name but I wasn't sure whether 
> to communicate it on the forum or not. If needed, please feel free to ask.
> Thank you very much for you help.
> Regards,
> Grégoire Llorca

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