[TYPO3-english] tt_news how to set limit of news?

Loek Hilgersom loek at netcoop.nl
Wed Apr 17 13:18:25 CEST 2013


Please don't sent attachments to the list, many people can't read them anyway 
(see below).

You can set the limit either in the plugin record (tab 'Other settings') or in 
Typoscript, with:


(Depending on whether you use latest or list)


On 17-04-13 10:40, Matej Borik wrote:
> Dear Typo3 users, during the management of one site I came across one
> problemwith typo3 version 4.2.8
> How to set the number of displayed news? Default is 3, I want to set 5 or more.
> [img]index.php/fa/15717/0/[/img]
> Thank You
> begin 644 ttnews.jpg
> M_]C_X``02D9)1@`!`0$`8`!@``#_VP!#``$!`0$!`0$!`0$!`0$!`0$!`0$!
> M`0$!`0$!`0$!`0$!`0$!`0$!`0$!`0$!`0$!`0$!`0$!`0$!`0$!`0$!`0'_
> MVP!#`0$!`0$!`0$!`0$!`0$!`0$!`0$!`0$!`0$!`0$!`0$!`0$!`0$!`0$!
> M`0$!`0$!`0$!`0$!`0$!`0$!`0$!`0'_P``1"`"&`:T#`2(``A$!`Q$!_\0`
> M'0`!``(#`0$!`0````````````<(!08)!`(#"O_$`"H0``("`@,``@("`@,`
> M`P````4&!`<``P$""!05$Q8)%Q$2&20E&"(C_\0`&P$!``,!`0$!````````
> M``````,$!0(&`0G_Q``H$0`#`0`"`@,!``$$`P$````"`P0!``42$P81%!4A
> M%B(C,P<D)2;_V@`,`P$``A$#$0`_`/Z@,8RK%G^P:AIZP&ZO7SN?$3DRF=EW
> ME#O:((Y79*[^S:5&&O"]^PYJ+3G,L=DQ88D/P'UQ)VV3HT]"G$C9QHS\=43O


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