[TYPO3-english] New TYPO3 language

Daniel Alder dalder at snowflake.ch
Tue Apr 9 09:14:59 CEST 2013

Am 05.04.2013 17:32, schrieb Jan Bednarik:
> Hi,
> I need to add mongolian language to a TYPO3 website. Since there is no
> support for it, then when I set "mn" as config language, extensions
> (e.g. indexed search) will be in english. That is fine so far.
> However, I'd like to give administrators the ability to translate
> whatever they like using llxmltranslate extension. So I wonder whether
> it's possible to add this language to the list of languages so it'd be
> then picked by any extension when translated.
> Thanks
> Jan


do you need the translation in backend or frontend (extensions / 
contents) or both?.

for frontend only there is no need to do core changes.

Add a new website language in your tree root in backend.
and just make sure to add following in your ts setup:

config {

	# your website language id: for example '2'
	sys_language_uid = 2
	# use the official language string here
         # (not required but recommended)
	language = mn
	# check your server languages, just an example
	locale_all = en_US.utf8

now you can add the xml files in l10n folders manually:

or use llxmltranslate or snowbabel to translate your files via "GUI".

for backend you have to modify the core as dmitry already mentioned.

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