[TYPO3-english] Problem with Various Contents plugin after Windows update

Richard Contant-Adams rc at truninger.com
Mon Apr 8 13:24:31 CEST 2013

Hi All,

We have a site that uses the Various Contents plugin to display documents and pictures in drop-down lists
when the relevant boxes (documents or picture gallery) are clicked.

This plugin seems to be quite sensitive to Windows and Javascript updates because this is the 2nd
time since October last year, that we have noticed problems following the automatic Windows updates.
You can see an example of the way this plugin is used on our Web site here: 
http://www.truninger.com/en/lifting-magnets/beams-and-profiles.html. The drop-down boxes would normally
appear under "Product Information" located at the top right of the main content pane.

Following a recent Windows update a few weeks ago, we noticed that the actual boxes around "documents"
and "picture gallery" dissappeared completely. Even the hand symbol on mouseover has gone so now there
is no indication to the visitor that there is any clickable information, although you still get the drop-down list
if you click on documents for example.

This is getting very messy.  All of a sudden our Web site changes due to external influences beyond our control
and, with my quite limited Typo3 knowledge, I currently have no idea how to fix it.  I have tried messing around
with the various plugin options and parameters, nothing seems to make any difference. 

In the long term I would actually like to find an alternative to this plugin, perhaps some native Typo3 mechanism that
can give a similar effect (i.e. clickable drop-down lists). However in the short term I would be very grateful for any
suggestions on how I can fix the plugin. 

Sorry if I'm asking the obvious but I'm new to this forum and relatively new to Typo3 (12 months experience).


Richard Contant-Adams

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