[TYPO3-english] Update of late 4.7.x to 6.0 or 6.1

Jigal van Hemert jigal.van.hemert at typo3.org
Tue Apr 2 15:19:13 CEST 2013


On 28-3-2013 11:41, HocomAdvies [ 🌷 Wiechert Hooghwinkel ] wrote:
> Hi,
> I did an update recently from a version 4.6.1. to version 6.0.4 on a test-system. I experienced some troubles.
> 1. White screen problem. This was mainly the result of not updating the extensions before starting with updating towards 6.0.4.

That's why I personally advice to update in steps and update extensions 
with each step. There is less chance to encounter problems due to former 
deprecated and now missing API functions and extensions often get 
updates for newer core versions too.

> 2. One of the scary things I found out after the update off powermail (which coused the white screen probs) was that the forms created where no longer working in the newest version. The solution i found advised for this, is to create a new form with the updated powermail. So note all the settings, etc which you did in the powermail before updat to a newer version becouse they are no longer there.

Powermail2 is a completely new product that does more or less the same 
as Powermail(1) did: handle forms. Powermail2 is completely rewritten 
from scratch and also the way forms are made in the backend is 
different. There is no upgrade script available. If you go to Powermail2 
you do have to recreate all forms.

> 3.Also I had some problems with realUrl not working properly. Suddenly giving an RealURL error: unable to determine rootpage_id for the current domain. This problem dissolved after some time waiting (deleting the cache files etc.). But still appears when I use the url without the www.part.com so part.com results in the error.

Read the manual of RealURL please. It advices against using the _DEFAULT 
"domain" setting and you indeed need to configure both the domain with 
an without the www prefix. Also make sure there are domain records for 
all used domains and put the "main" domain as the first domain record 
(if you redirect domain.com to www.domain.com then the domain record 
with www.domain.com should be first).

> 4. An other strange thing is in the backend. pages are not refrehing when for example adding a new Content Element to a page. Nothing shows up the page stays white/ empty. Same thing when using the extension manager. Some actions keep the manager just showing the work in progress circle and nothing is happening anymore.

You're using TemplaVoilà which comes with its own Page module and new 
Content Element wizard. Any problems there are probably problems inside 
TV. TV was updated for TYPO3 6.0, so I assume that you use the latest 

The EM does a lot of things with Ajax calls (maybe TV too). If those 
fail there is often no sign of action anymore.
You can debug this by using a tool such as FireBug (or a similar tool 
for your favourite browser). The "Net" tab of FireBug shows all requests 
the browser makes (you can filter too for only http or only ajax). If 
you click on one of those requests the request headers, answer headers, 
the actual answer (also in HTML, JSON format, etc.) can been inspected. 
If there are fatal errors you can probably find there what goes wrong.

Jigal van Hemert
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