[TYPO3-english] Image resizing problem in tt_news single view

Sergey Alexandrov serg at alexandrov.us
Mon Apr 1 18:22:24 CEST 2013

setting image.width and image.height will create an image with exact 
size without keeping an aspect ratio.
setting the maxW and maxH will keep aspect ratio preventing image to be 
distorted imho.

Thank you,

On 4/1/2013 8:35 AM, PIT Solutions wrote:
> Hi,
> For fixing this I hacked the extension. I think this is not a good solution, but I've no other options.
> Added these two lines of code in " /typo3conf/ext/tt_news/pi/class.tx_ttnews.php" file, line number 2316 (After this line of code : $lConf['image.']['file'] = 'uploads/pics/' . $val;)
>    $lConf['image.']['file.']['width'] =  $lConf['image.']['file.']['maxW'];
>    $lConf['image.']['file.']['height'] =   $lConf['image.']['file.']['maxH'] ;
> ________________________________
>   Hi PIT Solutions,
> PIT Solutions wrote:
>> Is it's a bug in tt_news extension? Is there any method to fix this?
>> I am in trouble.Please help me,
> Check the single view template if the setting is used at all.
> Best regards

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