[TYPO3-english] CoolURI and old links

Sinisa Mitrovic sinisa.mitrovic at europoint.com
Thu May 31 13:55:18 CEST 2012

Hi Pero,

Did you clear all caches, in CoolURI (admin panel) select "Delete/Update
all" and than check?
Also in CoolUriConf.xml ypu have line of code:
      <!-- how many days should old links (those that are redirected to
existing) should be kept active -->

Hope this will help...

Best regards,
Siniša Mitrović

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Yes, i have this option set, but now i found what is the problem. CoolURI
doesn't redirect links that are placed in OLD LINKS and that are older then
1 year. Does anybody know if this can be changed, so instead of 1 year i can
set for example 10 years - or I have to update dates in DB directly with
query? Thx.


"Kay Strobach"  wrote in message
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Hi Pero,

if i remeber right, there is an option like redirectOldLinksToNew in
cooluri, take a look into the manual.


Am 31.05.2012 12:13, schrieb Pero Peric:
> Hi,
> I see that some of mine nice looking URLs don't work anymore. When I 
> go to CoolURI admin I see those URLs are placed in OLD LINKS section. 
> Can someone explain me what happens to URLs that are placed in OLD 
> LINKS and how can I make all those link work again (I have many of 
> them)? CoolURI manual is not very helpful :-( THX!
> Regards.

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