[TYPO3-english] How to add a "rootlevel template"

Rowan Sylvester-Bradley rowan at sylvester-bradley.org
Tue May 29 01:12:12 CEST 2012

Thanks for your help.

> To create a record on any page, look for
> the icon that looks like a sheet with a green plus on it. 

There seem to be two identical icons with a green + sign, one above the tree
called Create New Pages, and one above the right hand pane called Create New
Page. Just to confuse me further, there is another very similar icon with a
green + called Create New Content Element.

Is a Template a Page, or a Content Element? Which of these three icons do I
use to create a new root level template?

> This will open the 'add record' menu. You will see template listed there. 

If I click Create New Page, I don't see any Add Record menu - a New Record
screen opens up. This confuses me by asking where I want to put the page (I
don't want to "put" it anywhere in the tree - this is not a "page" in the
normal sense) and it doesn't offer anything to do with templates.

> See the right pane on this image

My screens don't look like this, and I see no magnifying glass, or any "new
record" image.

My basic screen looks like this:

After I've clicked Create New Page, it looks like this:

Sorry - I must be very stupid, but I don't seem able to follow your
guidance. Any idea what's going wrong?

Thanks - Rowan

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