[TYPO3-english] extension searched - showing cars, has a filter

Denis Torgal denis.torgal at yahoo.com
Mon May 28 23:15:34 CEST 2012

On 28.05.2012 14:26, Andreas Becker wrote:
> Hi check out http://gruene-autos.org/
> it is based on browser and the extension gruene-autos.
> http://gruene-autos.org/gruene-autos-download/
> You can integrate it also with Facebook
> Slightly modified you could also use the extension "realty" which offers
> quite good search functionality
> Check out also the other extensions based on the browser as they are easy
> to modify and offer lit's of stuff more or less just after their
> installation already. They are very fast to implement!

Hi Andi,

thanks. This Browser ext looks promising. I heard many times of it. 
Think the name is not good chosen. But I will dig now more in it.



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