[TYPO3-english] TS constants setup to rescale images with fixed height

De Contardi Riccardo Riccardo.DeContardi at bhuman.it
Mon May 28 18:29:42 CEST 2012

A question about css styled content that is driving me nuts, please

I use TYPO3 4.7, and I've written in my main TS Template:




    imgtext.linkWrap.width = 266
    imgtext.maxWInText = 266
    imgtext.maxW = 798




On another page I've set an ext template, as in this page (and
following) I want the following behavior for images in text/w image
elements (beside text, right):


1. the images must have a fixed height of 537px

2. the width must resize accordingly maintaining the proportions


3. I want to put the images in a single line (3 columns or more), and I
don't care about how they become large: I'll use an overflow:hidden
container to cut the element to the correct size.


Please help me, this is urgent!!

Thank you for your support and best regards



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