[TYPO3-english] extension searched - showing cars, has a filter

Denis Torgal denis.torgal at yahoo.com
Sun May 27 20:15:39 CEST 2012

Hi friends,

I am searching an extension, which helps to manage / shows automobiles. 
The view should have a teaser, a title and a small image. If you click 
an one car you see it with more details.
And there should be a filter search for all the attributes a car can 
have. Not to forget the car categories.
It's not a shop, so no cart, checkout or payment modules are needed.

I can image that there is an extension which doesn't deal with cars, but 
could be adapted for this, but how to search for this?
The search for cars or automobile don't give any result.

If I speak more common: I search a extension for managing and showing 
data rows with a filter method. Is Irre useful for such things?

Thanks in Advance


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