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Fri May 25 19:13:03 CEST 2012

Sorry for double posting but I mixed up the Mailinglist adresses. A theme like the Listing of TYPO3 Professionals actually belongs on the international reachable and understandable English Mailing List where also all Developers from India, Indonesia, Cambodia, China, Hongkong, nepal, Bangladesh, vietnam, Malaysia, Myanmar, Laos, pakistan, Thailand, etc can read and understand it.

We need an Open Listing and not another Trial of European "German Swiss" Empowerment.


sorry it was the wrong button i pressed as the mail was not ready.

Again and again I only see lots of trials to make things unaffordable for top asian developers who work in the background of lots of german and european agencies without getting paid like them. 

It is really a pitty that only money counts. Pay Silver for a year. Well this is poket money for anyone in Germany developing sites , perhaps even with the help of Asian or South American Manpower.

550 euro entrance fee plus 770 euro yearly fee plus 200 euro reviewfeewith no guarantee that their listing gets listed at all as the other requirements mentioned are mostly "pi mal daumen" depending perhaps even on goodwill. Therefore I recommend that there will be also an open listing available for free. Requirement of course would be that the website of the company is running on Typo3 - this is possible for any developer of Typo3 even without any costs involved.

This would give all those developers who are more or less excluded from reaching the mentioned requirements in near future. We here in Asia don't need another European approach to make some European Developers richer with the cheap manpower from the east as they can't promote themselves even they often do the real jobs ;-)

Joh316 is not at all met with this approach!

Such kind of "Western Only" listings is complete contraproductive for promoting TYPO3 ie here in Asia. 

With the Asian Conference which seem to turn out like an Internet Conference TYPO3 could gain a bit more leads against very well and huge growing competitors like Drupal and Joomla here in Asia.

Already worries have been published if this would be only another European Meetup with a Cambodian Company. Prices are to high. Same it is with the Listing Prices on TYPO3.org. Instead of bringing the world community of TYPO3 Developers together it will help to fight a war west against east.

Why does the leadership in TYPO3 not realizes that things in Asia are simply working different and that especially a Free Open Source Product like TYPO3 should als promote the Free Open Source Idee in other parts of live. This does not mean Free = Free beer! but much more Free = Freedom.

A Listing which will cost an Asian developer a quarter to halfyears sallary is therefore not acceptable at all.

It is very very frustrating since about 3 years, accompanied by multiple updates which break things and often "are stable as a windows update"(Commentary from a customer) to see how nothing gets left out to leave the poor poor and make the rich even richer - often with the manpower of the poor.

As long as people all around the world depend on expensive travels to get certified and equal sharing of income is a simple dream we really need an open Listing without any finamcial hurdles involved.

"Inspire to share" is far far away from that what is going on since the last years, since the "T3-King" resigned from his thrown.


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On May 25, 2012, at 20:52, Peter Pröll <peter.proell at typo3.org> wrote:

> Am 25.05.12 15:20, schrieb Andreas Becker:
> > Und wieso erhalten wir diese Mail dann nicht - ist diese nur fuer
> > ausgewaehlte Agenturen gemeint?
> >
> > Andi
> Hallo Andi,
> wir haben Anfang April die typo3.org relaunched. Auch mit dem PSL (Professional Service Listing), siehe http://typo3.org/support/professional-services/
> Wir kommen leider jetzt erst dazu, dass wir darauf nochmal zusätzlich per Mail bzw. Newsletter darauf hinweisen. Ein allererster NL-Versand ging jetzt an die Agenturen, die zuvor auf typo3.com gelistet waren. Und das soll nicht bedeuten, dass nur diese Agenturen von uns berücksichtigt werden. Eines nach dem anderen. Die Info an die Mitgliederliste der T3A ist auch in Vorbereitung. Danach weitere sinnvolle Verteiler.
> In der Mail steht auch nichts, was nun nicht öffentlich bekannt wäre, sondern nur noch einmal ein Hinweis auf das Listing und die Aufforderung, sich jetzt dort listen zu lassen.
> Gerne als "Beweis" unten angehängt der Text der Mail, mit der Bitte, Euch alle im Listing eintragen zu lassen ;-). Ein dichtes Netzwerk an professionellen und qualifizierten Agenturen hilft uns allen.
> Herzlichst & frohe Pfingsten,
> Peter
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> ======================================
> Dear TYPO3 Supporter!
> Surely, you have already noticed that the official typo3.org website has been re-launched last month. Your company used to be listed on the previous typo3.org website in the “Consultancy Listing”. This listing has now been replaced by the brand new “Professional Services Listing”.
> The Professional Services Listing
> Compared to the previous “Consultancy Listing”, the new Professional Services Listing doesn’t have a list-all character anymore. Every entry is approved manually by a review committee of the TYPO3 Association and every listed agency has to meet the Listing Requirements. This quality control was designed to make choosing a suitable and professional agency more reliable for a potential TYPO3 client and to enable more successful projects.
> Get Listed!
> Now is the time to get your agency into the Professional Services Listing. It will bring great exposure to your company and present you as a leader in the TYPO3 services world. If you want to get listed, please go through the approval process on the typo3.org website.
> A step by step documentation on how the process works and how to get your company reviewed by the TYPO3 Association can be found on typo3.org. Get started by reading the “How to get listed” pages to make sure the process is clear to you. Additionally it will help to read the FAQs and the Listing Requirements very carefully to make sure you meet all the requirements before starting the process.
> We look forward to seeing the Professional Services Listing grow and flourish and become a great representation of the healthy TYPO3 Ecosphere. Get Listed Now!
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