[TYPO3-english] TypoScript editing with jEdit

Markus Klein klein.t3 at mfc-linz.at
Fri May 25 10:19:59 CEST 2012


If you're on Windows simply use WinSCP and configure jEdit as editor there. Then you can double click the files on the remote side and they will open in jEdit. Every save action will transparently transfer the file back to the server.

Kind regards

> El 25/05/2012 0:37, Loek Hilgersom escribió:
> > Hi Guiseppe,
> >
> > The extension jeditvfs is very, very old (2006) and hasn't been
> > maintained since. I have tried it in 2006 or 2007 and already back
> > then there were problems with version compatibilities between TYPO3,
> > jEdit and some addtional libraries for the vfs iirc.
> > It was an interesting idea, but apparently hard to get stable and/or
> > maintain.
> >
> > Just forget about it. Just store your Typoscript in files and use an
> > external editor with a Typoscript plugin. Cross-platform you can use
> > jEdit, Netbeans or Phpstorm for that, on Windows you also have
> > Notepad++. There may be others that I don't know of.
> >
> > If you want to edit those files directly on a remote server (if you
> > really want to do that, I hope it's a development server then and not
> > your live system) then you can set up a remote file share with
> > sshfs/fuse (available for linux and mac, I guess there's something
> > similar for Windows) which makes your remote files editable as if they
> > were local.
> >
> > jEdit also has a sftp plugin specifically for directly editing files
> > on remote systems, so you don't need the other sshfs/fuse thing. But
> > if you want to take it seriously, I would consider using an IDE like
> > Netbeans or Phpstorm and not work on remote files directly but develop
> > locally and only deploy to a server when you know it works.
> Thanks a lot for your answer.
> I like NetBeans but I guess is very heavyweight for use it as editor, although the plugin for TS looks very interesting.
> jEdit with sFTP plugin can do the work too.
> I will check both. Thanks.
> >
> > Hth,
> > Loek
> >
> > 

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