[TYPO3-english] Re alUrl extension problem

Peter Kühnlein peter at function2form.net
Thu May 24 12:01:33 CEST 2012

Am 24.05.2012 11:33, schrieb GVA:
> [quote="vanarlan"]
> Hi all,
> i have problem on implemented realurl extension on my typo3 project.
> I use typo3 4.4
> The problem on sub menu seo url.
> menu like image below.
> [img]http://www.genauu.de/gerrit/menu.jpg[/img]
> On menu url :
>    www.domain.com/products.html (it working for
> www.domain.com/index.php?id=36
> But for sub domain www.domain.com/products/fuer-hondar.html not working for
> www.domain.com/index.php?id=83
> Error warning :
> Reason: Segment "products" was not a keyword for a postVarSet as expected on
> page with id=83.
> Anybody solution for this problem?
> [/quote]
Honestly, I don't understand the problem description really well. But my 
guess is: fuer-hondar.html is misspelled and should be fuer-honda.html

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