[TYPO3-english] direct_mail save as draft not working

J. Bakshi joydeep at infoservices.in
Wed May 23 15:18:07 CEST 2012

Dear list,

I am using direct_mail 2.7.0 with typo3 4.7.1
The newsletter are coming to the recipients when fired as test mail
from quickmail, or without draft. Fine ...  But the real problem ... mails are not
coming to the recipients when "save as draft" is checked. After invoking those mails
from mailer engine; mailer engine status shows

Mailer Engine Invoked!
Invoked at 06:44:34 23-05-2012
sys_dmail record 99, ''processed...
Job No: 99 Job begin: Job begin: 23-05-12 06:44:34
Sending 3 mails using records from table tt_address
Job No: 99 Job end: Job end: 23-05-12 06:44:34
Ending, parsetime: 255 ms

but no mail at recipients !!!

Am I missing any configuration ? Is any cron script required here for
draft ? Please suggest.


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